Three Men and Three Babies

One of my all-time favourite movies is three men and a little lady, and to a lesser extent, three men and a baby. It was certainly the inspiration behind me naming my blog.

As the name indicates, my blog is all about the ladies. But without three men, this blog would cease to exist, so I think it’s time I introduce them properly.

Imagine Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson (the stars of the aforementioned movie), with three babies, not one. Only British, worse at cooking, and arguably less mature. Let me introduce you to the three male ‘stars’ of this blog…

Three men and three babies

Introducing: Dan, Philpott, Coates


Dan is, without doubt, the Tom Sellick of the three. Not because he has a moustache – thankfully, he does not – but because he’s the mature, ambitious, level-headed one.  He’s also the oldest, and has been on the scene the longest. Dan and I got together in 2003. We met on my very first day at Loughborough University. I was a ‘fresher’, he was a ‘finalist’ (four years my senior) and a few months later we made our relationship official.

In her ‘Chief’ speech at our wedding, Fats said “I couldn’t dream him up if I tried. He’s everything that my best friend used to say she looked for in a man in the letters we used to write when we were just 13.”

Dan is kind-hearted, he’s loyal, he has an effortless ability to talk to, get on with, and charm anyone you put him in a room with, and he’s hopelessly optimistic. Remember that guy in friends that Phoebe dates who takes ‘mental pictures’ of life’s moments, and even refers lovingly to traffic-lights on the highway? The one that Phoebe refers to as “Santa Claus with Prozac”? Yes, that’s Dan. He’ll find the positive in any situation, and is often referred to by our friends as a “fixer.” One of the things I love most about Dan is that I’d trust him completely, with my life, but more than that, with the lives of my friends and family. He understands what they mean to me, and he’d do anything for them.

Oh, and he’s been ready to be a dad since he was approximately fifteen years of age!


 As perfectly as Dan fits into the ‘Peter’ mould, Philpott – Stel’s fiancée – fits into Jack (played by Ted Danson). Jack is the funny one, the young-at-heart actor who wants to play hard. Swap actor for fireman, and you’ve got Philpott. It’s impossible to dislike Philpott – his laugh is infectious, his attitude to life is right up my street, and despite his unfaltering pretence that he’s a lad (he is) that prioritises football, beer, and raves, I know that he loves my Stelios unconditionally.

Philpott is the kind of guy that you miss at a party if he’s not there. Like Dan, he’s tall, dark and handsome, and has always reminded me of a Disney Prince, aesthetically that is! He’s cheeky, hilarious, and sometimes (okay, maybe often) immature, but that’s part of his charm.

Philpott is definitely the one you’d pick out as ‘least likely to hold a baby’. In fact, at a recent Christening, he experienced what Stel describes as a “mild panic attack” as he held the baby, suspended in the air, at least 50cms from his body. But despite this, I have no doubt that when Baby StelPot arrives, instinct will kick in and he’ll be absolutely dynamite.


 And then there’s Michael, the cartoonist, played by Steve Guttenberg. Or in this blog, played by Mr Coates, Fatty’s boyfriend. Michael is probably the most under-stated of the three characters, which is also true of Mr Coates. In a group situation, Coates would be the quietest, and the most considered. He’s a great listener, and probably the most creative, like Michael.

Mr Coates walked into my Fatty’s life in a church in Leeds (one that’s more about the music and the beer than it is about the Big Man) at a time where she wasn’t looking for him, but my God is she glad that he did. And so am I. Mr Coates is solid. He’s kind, he’s smart, he’s thoughtful, and he loves my Fats with the passion and depth that she deserves. I trust him to never, ever hurt her, and that is worth its weight in gold.

Coates gives Dan a run for his money on the maturity front, and is definitely more practical and sensible. He too is so ready to be a dad, and will love that little baby bean into oblivion. Everyone needs a Mr Coates in their life.

So there you have it, the three men eagerly (maybe anxiously) awaiting their three babies. Dan and Philpott have been enjoying A Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy for Dummies for the last few months, but if you question what they’ve learnt, they’ll mainly only recite extracts from their favourite chapter on ‘sex during pregnancy’. Very good, boys.

They also frequently exchange messages with tips on ‘encouraging words’ to say to us girls – “How are you feeling?”, “Can I get you anything?”, and “you’re doing a great job” are their favourites. More encouraging still would be “I got you a voucher for a pedicure” or “I’ve run you a bath so you can relax whilst I cook dinner”…Just a thought, boys!

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