Let’s Take it Back to the Start…

From left to right:  Nel, Fats, Stel

From left to right:
Nel, Fats, Stel

I’m going to let you in on the first of many secrets. I’m pregnant. But what differentiates me from the 600,000 or so women in the UK who are also expecting right now is that my two best friends are also pregnant, and all with due dates within seven weeks of each other.

Was it planned? No. But is it a miracle? Absolutely.

I’ve always liked a narrative that starts with the end. But given the obvious impracticalities (quite frankly, impossibility) of starting a pregnancy blog at the end, I’ve had to let that go. In stark contrast, I’m actually going to start right at the beginning. And I don’t mean peeing on a stick, or even, erm, earlier than that (we’ll have to see how close we get before I go there). I mean back in 1996, when I met the girl with the big curly hair and an even bigger personality in art class. Holly, the girl that would, very quickly and very permanently, become ‘my person’, my best friend.

It was three years later when, at the age of thirteen, I received the best delivery of my life to date. In the form of a Scouser with a Winnie the Pooh backpack and a smile which told me that I wanted to be her friend forever. Becky walked into my school, and life, in 1999, and sixteen years later remains one of my favourite people in the world.

So, you see, this blog isn’t really just a pregnancy blog. It’s about friendship, it’s about growing up whilst never growing up, and it’s about the things that make us laugh, and those that make us cry. I can promise that there will be plenty about our pregnancies, and eventually our babies, with an overly generous helping of honesty, but most of all, it’s about three ladies, finding our way with our new plus ones, and doing it together.

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